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Why use ecoroq?
100% Natural 

Guerite, The mineral inside of The Ecoroq Filters is 100% Natural and environmentally friendly. The only known location of Guerite is at our mining facility in The Mojave Desert!

Eliminate Harmful Bacteria   

Your cooler is a breeding ground for bacteria! Contaminated particles attach to water molecules. Ecoroq absorbs those contaminated particles floating around in your cooler, and releases purified particles when conditions become too dry.

Completely Recyclable 

The mineral inside our filters, "Guerite", is completely recyclable. Guerite can be rejuvenated by simply exposing it to heat. The heat opens the microscopic pores of the mineral allowing all of the bacteria attached to water molecules to release. 

Note: We provide this rejuvenation process for our commercial customers. For the residential "Fridge Buddy" it's as simple as placing the filter in the microwave. 

Double Shelf Life 

The mineral insideThe Ecoroq Filters provide all of your foods with the optimal environment for refrigeration. Fruits and vegetables last TWICE as long with Ecoroq.

Various independent laboratory studies have backed our claims. 

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cross-Contamination happens when bacteria from one food item transfers to another food item. (Such as storing poultry & produce along side each other.) The bacteria formed from this process can cause serious illnesses. Ecoroq eliminates this problem by absorbing and trapping the various bacteria from different foods

Save Energy 

By reducing temperatures and stabilizing humidity levels, Ecoroq reduces the run time compresser recycle rates - which gives substantial energy and maintenance savings. 

 With your produce lasting twice as long, you'll save a substantial amount on your produce bills.

Energy Recording 

This chart depicts weekly testing of compressor run-time in minutes, with and without Ecoroq filters. 

ecoroq customers
ecoroq customers

Ecoroq filters are currently being used by thousands of businesses worldwide! Schedule your FREE trial and experience the benefits yourself. 

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