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It has only been a couple of weeks since we started using the ecoroq filter in our walk-in cooler here at the Cafe @ Williams Hardware and here is our assessment--It Works!  We have noticed a huge difference in the useful life of our salad greens, spinach and kale especially, but other produce too.  The filter has helped equalize the humidity in the cooler and kitchen which will reduce the temperature and help us save on our power bill. We also have a filter in our sandwich cooler and this absorbs a lot of the condensation created by the constant opening of the door.  We have been very pleased with our use of the ecoroq filters!  Thanks so much!

Joyce McCarrell and Nancy McCarrell, Owners

"After testing Ecoroq filters we no longer have odors, our humidity is right where it should be, and our produce is staying fresher longer; no browning of lettuce.


Ecoroq conducted the trial without any obligation from us, we of course decided to keep the product and Ecoroq did not require us to sign a long term contract. I would encourage anyone to install and test to see for themselves."

-Jay Rader, Director of Food & Nutrition

"In all produce I see a drastic improvement; fresh herbs, berries, tomatoes, and all open cases, stay fresh without mold or bad odor.

I recommend warmly the Humidity Control System (Ecoroq); it will improve your food cost and make your life much easier." 

- Guy Peuch, Executive Chef

"We installed your Ecoroq filters in Gaston County Schools during the 2009 school year and continue to be extremely pleased with the benefits of your product.


Our Maintenance Department was quite skeptical that your product could decrease our energy costs and decided to conduct a study. Energy usage was measured for four weeks at two different schools without Ecoroq and then an additional four weeks at those schools with your product installed. We were all thrilled to find that your product resulted in a 12% to 15% energy savings without any adjustments to our coolers. School budgets continue to be very tight but we were able to afford the product with the savings from energy alone.


We are continuously increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that we serve on our menu. Your product has increased the shelf life of our fruits and vegetables and they now maintain their quality and appearance much longer than before.


Additionally, our Cafeteria Managers report safer working conditions in the coolers and freezers, as the floors are much dryer and free of ice now.


It is our pleasure doing business with your company. We feel everyone should give Ecoroq a try and let the amazing results speak for themselves."

Shelly Rhyne. Assistant Director

Gaston County School Nutrition

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