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how ecoroq works

How it Works

This diagram shows contaminated particles attaching to water molecules as they travel through the Ecoroq filter. The unique 100% natural mineral inside traps the contaminated particles, and then releases purified particles when conditions become too dry.

Ecoroq filters contain the mineral (Guerite) which is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and completely recyclable. 
Guerite is mined from The Mojave Desert in The United States, which is the only known location and source of this unique mineral. 

The charecteristics of Guerite are such that it strives to live in condititions of 80%-90% relative humidity. This humidity range is also the optimum conditions for the preservation and storage of foods.


In effect, the mineral actually controls the humidity by absorbing and desorbing moisture particles, including ethylene gas. The moisture particles - along with the bacteria, odor particles, and ethylene gas - are absorbed and held by the mineral.


If conditions in the refrigerated environment start to drop below 80% relative humidity, then the purified moisture particles are released by the mineral back into the environment while the bacteria, odor, and etyhlene gas particles remain trapped. The mineral acts as a molecular sieve. 


In a refrigerated environment, air is cooled, increasing relative humidity. This is caused by air cooling and losing its capacity to hold water vapor. As a result, condensation occurs. Water molecules are attracted to 'contaminants' through their chemical bonding properties holding them in a gaseous suspension.


The airflow and the absorption and desorption capacities of Ecoroq attract the contaminated water molecules, which are then filtered through the microscopic crystalline pores acting as a molecular sieve.





ecoroq moisture removal
ecoroq research
ecoroq research

Independent testing by the Department of Geology at the University of South Florida and University of Georgia demonstrated the Fridge Buddy’s ability to absorb ethylene gas and moisture – and the effect that ability has on the shelf life of perishable food.



After more than 2,300 hours of testing, in summarizing its findings, the USF Dept. of Geology stated that “this product is safe, reliable and highly effective at removing water (humidity) and ethylene gas from refrigerators. This will result in better energy efficiency, longer shelf life of food and floral products, reduction of odor and reduction of mold, mildew and bacteria, which thrive in high humidity environments.”


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