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ecoroq commercial refrigeration humidity control
Ecoroq Commercial Filters


Our large filter is designed for commercial use in walk-in coolers and cold storage warehouses. A few filters, placed strategically around the cooler, can double the shelf life of produce, reduce shrinkage of meats, and save up to 20% on energy costs and maintenance. Request a free 2 week, no obligation trial and an Ecoroq Franchise representative in your area will contact you to schedule an appointment.


Ecoroq's Monthly Service 

Ecoroq service technicians analyze all refrigerated environments (walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, and reach-in units.) To ensure proper efficiency each service technician will properly inspect important equipment functions such as door seals, and evaporator cleanliness. Ecoroq technicians measure each refrigerated environment to provide the right number of filters required to ensure optimal benefits. Service includes monthly replacement of all filters.



We provide a non-binding, monthly service agreement. NO CONTRACTS!


The Fridge Buddy
The Fridge Buddy (Residential)


Our residential filter, The Fridge Buddy is designed for home refrigeration. We offer a package of (3) Fridge Buddy Filters. Place one on the top shelf of your fridge, one in the crisper, and one in the freezer, the Fridge Buddy then provides a safe and secure environment for all of your food. By absorbing harmful bacteria and ethylene gas the Fridge Buddy allows all of your fruits and veggies to double their shelf life. 

ecoroq cleaner
Ecoroq Cleaners 


100% natural, biodegradeable cleaning products. Our Ecoroq "Ecoclean" cleaners will not only deliver commercial strength cleaning results, but also provide peace of mind, knowing that they are safe and environmentally friendly for your home. Choose from our selection of six cleaners. Cleaners come in quart sized dispensors and are available in gallons upon request.

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