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100% Natural Humidity Control For Refrigeration
 Ecoroq's revolutionary refrigeration filtration products provide a simple solution for a safe and bacteria free environment. Ecoroq has developed strong partnerships with restaurants, schools, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, and many other businesses in the food service industry around the world. 
Keep food fresh longer


Ecoroq creates optimal conditions for food storage by stabilizing the humidity levels and eliminating bacteria such as ethylene gas. This results in an increase in shelf life of up to 50%. 

Absorb excess moisture


The mineral inside the Ecoroq filter has ability to absorb and desorb moisture. After absorbing excess moisture, purified moisture particles are then released back into the environment.

Save energy


With a stabilized environment, compressor run times are decreased and your unit will use less energy to maintain the temperature you desire. This results in savings of up to 20% a month

Remove odors 


Strong odors from various foods can lead to cross-contamination. Ecoroq eliminates this problem by absorbing the contaminated particles.

Eliminate bacteria


Airborne bacteria will be reduced by up to 80%. The filters absorb and trap contaminated water particles that contain harmful bacteria such as   e coli, salmonella, ethylene gas, and mold.

Completely recylable 


Not only is the mineral within each filter 100% natural and completely recyclable but everything we use from the bags that hold the mineral to the plastics used for trays and brackets in each cooler are also completely recyclable.

"We use Ecoroq to ensure we provide our customers with the freshest food possible."

- Chef Martel, Ritz Carlton - NY


How It Works 

The mineral in the Ecoroq Filter traps contaminated water molecules, which are then filtered through the microscopic, crystalline pores acting as a molecular sieve

Purified water particles are then released back into the refrigerated environment

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"The ecoroq filters results speak for themselves as a cost affordable way to reduce cooler temperatures while increasing overall produce freshness and shelf life."

- Morrison Healthcare Food Services


Energy Savings Study

Pearson Testing Labratories Inc. conducted testing that recorded the energy savings after ecoroq was installed within their walk-in cooler. The results were measured by KWH consumption. 


Total energy savings from use of ecoroq = 17.07 %

Mineralogist Report


In summarizing its findings, the USF Dept. of Geology stated that “this product is safe, reliable and highly effective at removing  excess moisture (humidity) and ethylene gas from refrigerators. This will result in better energy efficiency, longer shelf life of food and floral products, reduction of odor, reduction of mold, mildew and bacteria, which thrive in high humidity environments.”


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